We knew we wanted our children to attend the GPDN when we first visited. One of the teachers walked in and said “Let’s go feed the ducks today”. We’ve never once regretted our decision. The staff are wonderful and loving and our children will always look back fondly on their time there. Thank you Sonia for everything!
— Isobel and Douglas Wallace
Both our boy’s (now age 8 & 16) attended Nursery. We have the deepest respect for the Nursery staff. They always provided our boys with a loving, caring, safe and fun environment. As a parent it’s always nerve racking to leave your young child in someone else’s care. Never once did we have that fear; We always knew they were well taken care of. Every day they came off of the ferry with huge smiles. They both have wonderful memories and still talk about how great being at Nursery was. We strongly believe that Gibraltar Point Day Nursery staff helped formed the wonderful young men our boys are growing up to be.
— Rosmarie and Frank
Gibraltar Point Nursery has always been a safe and secure environment in the most amazing location in the city! Such a wonderful feeling to know that my child was taken care of with as much love and nurturing as I would provide. Although my daughter hasn’t attended in over 3 years, she maintains a close relationship with the staff and looks forwards to her turn when she can volunteer with ‘helping the nursery kids’.
— Peggy Tsukamoto