Supporting positive and responsive interactions among children, parents, childcare providers and staff

 We strive to establish a peaceful classroom community that revolves around acceptance, kindness and community.  As educators, we hold value in establishing positive and responsive relationships with children and their families. We acknowledge and embrace diversity and believe “partnerships with families and communities strengthen the ability of early childhood settings to meet the needs of young children” (ELECT).   Its is important to us that every child is represented in our community; families are represented in our environment through books, and family boards.  We invite family members directly into the classroom to share hobbies, cultural traditions, special recipes, family pets, etc. Children just love having their families visit our program, it’s wonderful to see how proud children are when family members visit and share home experiences. Family contributions show our children and their families that they are in important part of our community and that everyone is valued and appreciated.

We reach out to families through daily conversations, private phone calls, and daily updates through our digital apps program.  Every year we host a family Open House meet and greet orientation, these events provides families and their children with opportunities to access information regarding child development, nutrition, explore the classroom and our natural surroundings. Our Open House events provide families and teachers an opportunity to connect and see first hand what our natural environment has to offer. We also provide resources and helpful tips to help families succeed in their transitional preschool period.


Every year the Board of Directors and staff members review all legislative policies and procedures including the following; Program Statement, Family Engagement Practices and Behaviour Guidance. In addition, our Board members work together to update and establish best practices policies and procedures including strategies on how to further engage families in the program.