Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a healthy, safe, nurturing, inclusive, and play-based learning environment for the all children in our care.  We hold value in establishing a peaceful classroom community for all children to feel safe and welcomed.   We facilitate and support each child’s overall development.   Our unique location on the island provides a serene environment away from the “hustle and bustle” of the city.  There’s a whole island for the children to discover, interact with, and explore.  Our children are truly island kids enjoying the island life where the beach is our playground.  Children are provided with freedom for exploration discovery and endless learning opportunities.  We believe in meaningful learning and see teachers and children as co-learners. Our day to day experiences give consideration to the individual needs of all our children.  Emphasis is placed on providing authentic experiences for children to engage children in play, self expression, meaningful exploration and inquiry.  

Program Statement

We welcome and embrace all children and families into our program.  We are committed to supporting children’s overall development and well-being.  Our lake view room is a special place where children learn through, play, inquiry, and exploration. 

Gibraltar Point Day Nursery is a non-profit childcare organization located in the Island Public Natural Science School.  We are licensed by the Ministry of Education and hold a Purchase of Service Agreement with Toronto Children Services.  We offer childcare services to full-fee and subsidized families. 

Gibraltar Point Day Nursery children engage in daily excursions to nearby duck ponds, Franklin Garden, and serene strolls to the nearby beaches. Our Emergent Curriculum approach is in alignment with the Ministry of Education’s “How does Learning Happen?”, “Think, Feel, Act”and the ELECT.   We offer well balance of indoor and outdoor, active and quiet experiences.  Our nature-based program sets the foundation for “Exploration, Expression, Well-being and Engagement” (How does Learning Happen?).  We work in partnership with our families, and community to deliver enrichment programs through shared learning experiences with the Island School and Toronto Island community. 

·       Our program is licensed to serve children 2.5-6 years of age and we operate at 16 children with an adult to child ration of 1-8.

·        All of our teachers are licensed qualified Registered Yearly Childhood Educators. 

·       Hours of operation are synchronized with the Toronto Island ferry boats seasonal schedules. 

·       Operated by parent Board of Directors and in consultation with the program Supervisor. 

Children in our care experience a unique form of travel.  To arrive at the childcare centre our children and staff travel to the Toronto Island by ferry boat and school bus.  We provide supervised morning and afternoon escort services to and from the Toronto Island.