What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum philosophy is based on the belief that children construct knowledge through experiences with materials and with other people.  The learning opportunities our teachers offer evolve from the interactions of the children and adults in each classroom.  Some describe this type of curriculum as an Emergent Curriculum.  We utilize How does Learning Happen framework within our emergent curriculum to plan and document children’s learning.

How do you share information about children’s learning with parents?

Our teachers meet formally with parents twice yearly to discuss their child’s learning and to celebrate his or her progress at school.  Every fall and spring parents will receive a written report of their child’s progress, will have the opportunity to review their child’s portfolio, and will work with the teacher to create learning goals specific to their child.  In addition to the formal conferences, teachers will share important information with parents through blogs, newsletters, and e-mails throughout the year.  Parents are encouraged to view portfolios or discuss their child’s progress or any concerns they may have at any time.

What do you do to make sure children are ready for Kindergarten?

Because of our close relationship with the school we have found over the years that children from our program are well prepared to have a positive experience in elementary school.  We also believe that “readiness” is about much more than simply knowing your ABC’s and numbers.  While we do address these academic skills with preschool children, it’s also important that we recognise enthusiasm for learning, social and language skills, independence and confidence are of vital importance in ensuring that each child has a great experience in Kindergarten.  We work together with the Kindergarten teachers to ensure that the children's Kindergarten experience is a  welcoming, supportive and caring environment in which all children are deemed “ready” to learn and grow.  

What do I do if my child is sick at school?

If your child is sick a staff member will contact you to make arrangements to pick up your child.  You will be required to take the ferry boat to the island, your child will be waiting for you on a school bus on the island side.  If for any reason you miss the ferry boat, your child will be brought back to the school.

What do I do if I'm late and miss the ferry boat?

If you miss the ferry boat you are required to bring your child over onto the island.  Families are required to call the centre so that we can arrange for a bus to meet you and your child at the island side.  You are required to drop your child onto the bus, once your childs is on the schoolbus you may board the same boat going back to the city.  The busdriver will drive your child to the school. 

What happens if the ferry boats stop operating?

In the event that the ferry boats services are cancelled the staff and children travel to the school via Billy Bishop Island airport.  Families are asked to drop children off at the airport lobby, A phone tree is activated and families are notified of changes.

Are parents allowed to escort their child on the ferry boat?

Unless parents are traveling to the island, they are not permitted to bring their child on the ferry boat.