To teach a child’s mind a teacher must capture a child’s heart.
— Haim Ginott


Our Vision

  • To provide a; safe, nurturing, inclusive, child centred, play based, environment for young children so that they may reach their full potential for our young preschooler children learning must come naturally.
  • Through positive direction and coaching we will support children so that can reach their full potential and are prepared for lifelong learning.
  • Always look for ways to improve the quality of care and education for our clients.
  • Keep our clients informed by communicating daily through conversations and social media.  
  • Smiles are warm the soul, so don’t forget to always greet with a smile.
  • Ongoing personal and professional growth is vital to the success of our organization.  Our practitioners seek and attend professional development opportunities so that we are current and up to date with early childhood development, curriculum and theory.

Our History

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Hello from our teachers

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Sonia Sommer

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