A day in the life of children at the Gibraltar Point Day Nursery.

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Welcome to our site!  Gibraltar Point Day Nursery provides a bucolic area away from the “hustle” and “bustle” of downtown Toronto.  We are proud that the children consider us a home away from home.  Given that we are located at the Toronto Island the learning prospects are unlike no other.  We providing care for children 2.5-4yrs of age operating at a 1-8 teacher child ratio.  Our children will have the opportunity to experience a unique form of travel. We provide escort services to and from the Toronto Island and city side by bus and boat. Children at our Centre have ample opportunities for discovery.  Daily excursions on the island include; walks to the nearby duck ponds, Franklin Garden, and serene strolls along the nearby beaches. 

Supporting Children's Development in a Natural Setting


Our Board of Directors

We are regulated by the Day Nursery Act and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  

Our board is comprised of parents/guardians of the children enrolled.  The Board operates on a 'governance model', setting broad guidelines and policies that determine the long-term direction of the agency and approves the overall budget for the operation of the facility.

The Board of Directors consist of four members: A President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. These members are parents of children currently enrolled in the program.  Annual General Meetings are held every fall to re-elect a Board of Directors.  


An Average Day

 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

When children enter the nursery room they enter a room full of learning materials and equipment ready for them to use.  Each activity centre is situated at the children’s level so that they are able to select materials at their leisure.  Because each child is an individual he/she is encouraged to explore the room at their own pace. 

Ultimately we strive to create a learning environment where children will feel safe, nurtured, and secure so they may feel free explore and understand the world around them. 

The class is divided into two groups (Group A and B) so that the teachers can spend one on one time with each child.  Both groups are then reunited at 11am in order for them to spend time together as a whole class.  

Thank you to our supporters

As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on our community and business for donations and contributions towards our fundraising initiatives.  We'd like to thank our sponsors and volunteers for their generous support towards our fundraising initiatives.